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The Centre for Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics (CNPL) was founded in 2016 by Prof. Jubin Abutalebi to pursue high-quality research devoted to the study of language as related to mind and brain. 

Language is the trait that most prominently distinguishes the human species from other species, and it is grounded on complex interactions between biological and cognitive functions.

Understanding how language is cognitively processed in real time and how it is computed in the brain represents one of the critical challenges in contemporary human sciences.

To face this challenge, CNPL uses a highly interdisciplinary approach that comprises cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology, linguistics and neuropsychology, as well as a number of complementary non-invasive tools such as behavioral measures, functional (fMRI) and structural neuroimaging (VBM, DTI), and neurostimulation (tDCS).

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Want to know more about the way

your brain processes language?

Vuoi saperne di più sul modo in cui
il tuo cervello elabora il linguaggio?

We’re currently recruiting young participants (18-35) for a

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study at San Raffaele!

It’s totally non-invasive and you’ll get a nice picture of your brain!

Contact us! 

Stiamo attualmente reclutando partecipanti giovani (18-35) per

uno studio di risonanza magnetica (RM) al San Raffaele!

È totalmente non invasivo e avrai una bella immagine del tuo cervello!

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