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We use neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic methods to explore how language processes and representations are instantiated in the brain.

Although special attention is devoted to the cognitive neuroscience of bilingualism (see Fig. 1), research at CNPL extends across several language-related topics, including:

i) The nature of linguistic and conceptual representations;
ii) The relationship between language and the sensory-motor system;
iii) Language, brain and gender differences; 

iv) Language and cognitive control; 

v) The psycholinguistics of language production and reading;
vi) Language function in neurological disease

Science is a cumulative process, so its progress and benefits to society hinge critically on multiple scientists testing and building on each others’ work.
We strongly believe that science advances only if knowledge is shared. Accordingly, we are very committed to promote education, internship programs and international collaborations.


Fig. 1. Authors co-citation network. The authors’ co-citation analysis highlights the authors in terms of their impact on the literature considering the entire time span of a given field. The topics selected to perform this analysis were “bilingualism” and “neuroimaging”. The dimensions of the nodes represent centrality index, and the dimensions of the characters represent the author’s rank. Input data were collected from Web of science Core Collection scientific database and performed with Citespace (20/12/2018). 

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